​Ampun Tuanku: A Brief Guide to Constitutional Government

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Ampun Tuanku: A Brief Guide to Constitutional Government

Author: Zaid Ibrahim

Publisher: Zi Publication

ISBN: 9789675266263

Page: 256

Malaysia is at a crossroads. Her discourse has never been so vibrant or so mature. Her people have never been more politically aware or involved. It is with this in mind that Zaid Ibrahim wades deep into uncharted waters and takes on the delicate subject matter that is the Malay Ruler and the role he plays in the formation of a constitutional government in Malaysia.

In this book, Zaid Ibrahim considers the unique nature of the Malaysian monarchic system and provides both a history and context to its being. He ponders on the purpose of such an institution in a modern democracy and tries to identify the characteristics that would make an ideal and relevant 21st-century monarch. He confronts what is probably the most pressing question of all: If long-running tensions between the monarchy and the political establishment are not resolved, what will the ramifications be if the next General Election demands a transfer of power to the Opposition? He asks this and more without ever straying from the conviction that the Malay Ruler still has a crucial role to play in today's society.



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