​Balanced Scorecard Strategy And Performance Measurement: Concept & Analysis

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Balanced Scorecard Strategy And Performance Measurement: Concept & Analysis

Author: Nurul Fadly Habidin

Publisher: UKM Press

ISBN: 9789672388562


Year: 2020

Page: 78 pp

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Balanced Scorecard (BSC) not only serves as a tool for performance measurement, but aligned with organizations that directly translate organizational strategies into action oriented plans. Previous research has suggested more studies be made to explore and investigate the relationship between Strategic Control System (SCS) and performance in other sector and countries. This is because the implementation of SCS helps managers to manage strategic plan, monitor and control the performance result, encourages efective communication and discussion, provides reward based system, and feedback with quick action approach that aligns with organizational goal. Thus, the aim of this study is to develop a BSC model and tool that incorporates SCS and Organizational Performance (OP). A survey through questionnaire was conducted to determine the implementation of SCS and OP. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique was adopted to analyze the data gathered from the survey. Exploratory factor analysis, reliability analysis and confirmatory factor analysis for testing the construct validity, test for reliability and model measurement were carried out. From the findings of the survey, it was shown that SCS plays important role to improve OP. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology was used in developing a Strategic Balanced Scorecard Tool (SBST). This tool was developed by using a system based on Excel. SBST as a benchmark to serve as a guide, and reference resources to implement SCS and OP and the SBST which in turn assists in strategic decision making process in the assessment of business process. Hence, this book produces implications on theory and management and provides a practical guide and tool to enhance OP. This is a holistic research which has undergone detailed methodology and analysis, case studies and contributing to the limited existing literature in the development of structural relationship between SCS and OP. This study also provides a fundamental and direction for researchers in further research and practitioners to constantly improve BSC through the implementation of SCS and OP.

NURUL FADLY HABIDIN, PhD is currently senior lecturer at Business Management and Entrepreneurship Department, Faculty of Management and Economics, UPSI. His research areas are in Business Engineering and Performance Improvement which include the development of lean six sigma and performance improvement systemsn for Malaysian automotive. Hold a degree and master in Operation Management (UUM), Doctorate Engineering (UTM), and PhD in Economics (UPSI) Lead some of lean, six sigma and balanced scorecard research project and won 36 innovation award. Currently, published 180 journal paper on industrial engineering and management topic.

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