Humanising Education The Bosnian Experience In Malaysia

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Humanising Education The Bosnian Experience In Malaysia - Hard Cover

Editor: Siti Aisyah Ibrahim Spahic

Publisher: IIUMPress

ISBN: 9789674910808


Year: 2021

Page: 164pp

Price : RM200

The Bosnian experience in Malaysia is an anecdotal recollection and heartfelt reflections by IIUM Alumni from once war-torn Bosnia. The authors shared their memories in IIUM and reflected on how the knowledge and experience gained have helped them in scaling new heights in their chosen career.

The authors represented different periods spanning pre and post Bosnian war - a few came before the commencement of the war, some during the war, and others joined IIUM after the war ended. At the onset of this project, all have since left to serve their motherland in more ways than one. Falling back on the education gained in IIUM, their contributions to their home country Bosnia range from being teachers and educators; shaping young minds and building personalities, to being industrious corporate figures, cultivating and developing the economy of Bosnia to new heights.

This publication chronicles individual experiences of some of the many successful Bosnian IIUM alumni whose engagement in social, economic, and political existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina has irrevocably demonstrates the essence and core values needed to shape the country anew. When it comes to envisioning the best needed transformational effects and impacts of education in transforming a given country or a society, the long-term vision and foresight of the Malaysian political leadership then is thus correctly justified when the decision to facilitate the enrolments of our Bosnian brothers and sisters was made. This move has simultaneously forged deep and lasting constructive ties between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Malaysia.



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