​Islamic Banking Recovery Process - Hard Cover

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Islamic Banking Recovery Process - Hard Cover

Author: Amirullah Haji Abdullah & Razli Ramli

Publisher: Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM)

ISBN: 9789670149127


Year: 2011

Page: 172pp

Price : RM48

The knowledge and practise of Islamic banking and finance has grown by leaps and bounds, especially after the global financial market crash in late 1900s and recently the bankruptcy of several European countries as a result of valueless 20th century financial papers.

The true nature of Islamic banking operations is that it confines all activities to that which is supported by an underlying productive and ethical activity. Hence, the real value of the Islamic Banking and Finance sector. Established conventional bankers have started to shift their concentration towards this exotic mode of banking.

The sector has been able to perform par excellence for the past few years in Malaysia and as a result, the Malaysian banking sector has been a net exporter of expertise and manpower.

The rapid growth of the financing sector avails itself to an ugly challenge for practitioners---Non Performing Finance (NFP). This edition serves as a guide for practitioners, students and researchers to effectively address the challenges.

The writers have attempted the garner all their knowledge in the Collection/Recovery sector to provide readers an in-depth study in the mechanics of Collection/Recovery. Their legal background and knowledge provided further valuable insight into the topic to enable readers to rely on a single comprehensive document for an affective and efficient control and recovery of non-performing financing.



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