Islamic Banking

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Islamic Banking

Author: Hassanuddeen Abdul Aziz

Publisher: IIUM Press

ISBN: 9789675272486

Pages: 94 pp


Year: 2020 (Second Print)

Price: RM 35

Islamic Banking is designed to provide an introduction to Islamic banking and finance for students at universities and similar tertiary institutions. This book also a source of general understanding of the concept of Islamic banking and finance and it will be beneficent not only for students but also for the laymen. I believe that the approach to Islamic banking and finance taken in this book will provide a solid foundation towards understanding the concept of Islamic finance. An effort has been made to provide an overview of the principles of Islamic commercial law in business and Islamic financial dealings.

This book has been written with the objective of conveying an understanding of Islamic banking and finance, without introducing unnecessary technical terminology and procedures. It was written to develop a clear understanding of the prohibition of Riba, the instruments of products offered by Islamic banks, the contemporary approaches and practices across banks worldwide, and the challenges and future prospects of Islamic banking.

Not only are the topics of these articles varied, but so are the methods and approaches adopted by their respective authors. Some fall under the so-called “descriptive approach”, and some is analytical in nature. Still some others are critical and “normative”. However, we believe that this should be academically acceptable as long as all are based on the sound arguments from academic perspective. Needless to say, the book taken as a whole, shall undoubtedly be of a great interest to anyone who wants to study the legacy of Prof. Izutsu’s scholarship on Islam.



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