​Islamic Private Equity & Venture Capital: Principles & Practice

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Islamic Private Equity & Venture Capital: Principles & Practice

Author: Zaid Hamzah

Publisher: Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM)

ISBN: 9789670149196


Year: 2011

Page: 491pp

Price : RM98

Islamic Private Equity and Venture Capital: Principles Practice provides a clear and practical introduction to one of the fastest growing area in Islamic finance. One key lesson from the book is that Islamic PE and VC. While Islamic PE and VC investments would have a reduced number of deal opportunities because of the need to comply with Shariah principles.,the drivers, levers and enablers of investment performance are ultimately the same for both conventional and Islamic PE and VC.

A “how to” book targeted at both Islamic finance students and business and investment professional, the book has two objectives: (i) Introduce the fundamentals of Shariah compliant PE and VC investment principles; and (ii) Provide practical advice to on how to strategize, structure and manage Islamic PE and VC transactions in ways that would enhance business performance. Non-Islamic finance and investment executives would also benefit from reading this book to understand not only how Islamic PE and VC differs from its conventional counterpart but how it can complement conventional PE and VC practice.

Designed as an industry-oriented guide, this book is replete with insight from Islamic PE and VC investment executives and legal practitioners in the form of a “Readings” section - thus making this book as one ofthe key references on Islamic PE and VC in the market today. The book also contains a toolkit comprising checklist, sample agreements and other reference materials. This text is an practitioners wanting to understanding the basis principles and practices in Islamic PE and VC.



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