Malay Nationalism and Globalisation

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Malay Nationalism and Globalisation

Author: Ghazali Shafie

Publisher: Penerbit UKM

ISBN: 9679424081

Pages: 63pp

Year: 2001

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Nationalism which always has tried to right wrongs evolve in such a way that it may be so diffused exerting its ways with surprises. Malay nationalism is not quixotic. Let us avoid unpredictability in the ways of nationalism because of thoughtless programme towards the much touted globalisation. The whole thing might be the repeat of Bretton Woods and in fact might turn out to be colonialism in another guise. Globalisation could be proven to be negative since the concept originated from a selfish basis of the widest possible market for an industrialised society which espoused Bretton Woods, and the World Bank. Globalisation would soil continue to have the same objectives as anti-imperial preference, which in fact is the downing of the imperial preferences created by many colonial powers. Anti-communism, anti-colonialism are for the domination of world market and they would be synonymous. The arguments in its favour are fiddlesticks unless globalisation could be proven to be positive for the whole of mankind, not only for some and leaving the others to be rnarginalised. For Malaysia with our Vision 2020, let us not create for ourselves a society divided-one group of about 20% literate in IT while the others remain illiterate and marginalised. That would be disastrous in terms of solidarity and national unity which hitherto had assured our stability the sine qua non of progress and development



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