​Malaysian Federalism Conflict or Consensus

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Malaysian Federalism Conflict or Consensus - Soft Cover

Author: Mohammad Agus Yusoff

Publisher: UKM Press


Weight: 0.500 kg

Year: 2009

Page: 393 ms

Price : RM45

The book explores the historical and political developments immediately following independence in August 1957, particularly the process leading to the establishment of the Federation of Malaysia, including the subsequent separation of Singapore from Malaysia. The author investigates the distribution of legislative and financial powers laid down in the Malaysian constitution - a topic which is important in order to understand the structural bases of centrestate conflict. The book analyses the constitutional, political and financial issues that have characterised centre-state relations in Malaysia with special attention given to the states of Kelantan and Sabah. Also examined are the political developments that have taken place in the two states and the issues that led to conflicts between them and the central government. It also discusses the implications of conflictual centre-state relations for political stability and the economic development of the states in question. The two states highlight a level of conflict which thus far has been unusual in Malaysia since independence. The analysis has also made evident that the general potential for centre-state conflict remains significant within the Malaysian system. The author analyses the consequences of the concentration of constitutional and financial powers in the hands of the central goverment for sustaining the delicate balance of national and state priorities - economic as well as political - within the conflictladen arena of centre-state relations.



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