Media & Muslim Society

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Media & Muslim Society

Author: Mohd. Yusof Hussain

Publisher: IIUM Press

ISBN: 9789833855087

Pages: 256 pp

Weight: 0.400 kg

Year: 2020 (Third Print)

Price: RM 45

The book contains twelve essays on topics related to the subject “Media and Muslim Society.” It is compiled as a textbook for students taking the course of the same title at the International Islamic Universiti Malaysia. Thus, the topics selected are those covered in the course. The topics include media at various stages in the development of a Muslim society, the role of communication in a Muslim society, media control, media effects on Muslim society and the roles of ulamas in influencing the media. A special topic on Muslim society is also included at the beginning of the book.

The contributors of these essays are experts in their field. They have also helped developed and taught the course. In this first edition, most of the examples and discussions are based on two Muslim societies, i.e., Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia. This is understandable because most of the writers in this first edition are from the Malay world. We hope to include examples from other Muslim societies in the next edition when we get contribution from writers from other parts of the Muslim world. Finally we welcome criticisms and suggestions to improve this book from our readers. We shall certainly consider these criticisms and suggestions in the next edition.



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