​Shariah Issues and Resolutions in Contemporary Islamic Banking and Finance

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Shariah Issues and Resolutions in Contemporary Islamic Banking and Finance

Author: Yusni Mohd Yusoff, Zurina Shafi'i & Zarinah Mohd. Yusoff

Publisher: Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM)

ISBN: 9789670149530


Year: 2014

Page: 448pp

Price : RM98

The present book is about major contemporary Shari’ah issues in Islamic banking and finance practices that includes banking (deposit and financing), Islamic capital market and takaful. The book is a one stop station that consolidates the major current issues and challenges of Islamic financial institutions have been captured and consolidated in one single reference, analyzed, discussed and supported by the resolutions of Shari’ah Advisory of Bank Negara Malaysia and other relevant institutions.

The interested readers of Islamic finance may refer to this book to get an overview of the different Shari’ah issues and challenges in Islamic finance, and be exposed to the resolutions of the relevant authorities in the market. The items / components discussed in this book cover overall issues based on a macro perspective. These are applicable to the entire Islamic banking and finance structure such as the standardization and the diversity.

Other issues are addressed in specific areas in Islamic banking and finance based on micro perspective. These are deposit taking, financing, Takaful, Islamic capital market, and governance. Some of the issues discussed in the book can be developed into Masters of PhD research papers as they deserve deep discussion and appropriate deliberation.



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