​The Amok of Mat Solo

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The Amok of Mat Solo

Author: Salleh ben Joned

Publisher: Silverfish

ISBN: 9789833221325

Weight: 0.220kg

Year: 2011

Page: 112pp

Price : RM36

The Malay Dilemma (1970), asserts that today, the amok is now only a legend. Civilization has subdued the Malays. This assertion is really a gross generalization. Now and again, an amok does occur, as the recent one in Melaka, coincidentally the state noted for the infamous amok of Hang Jebat in the 15th century. This Melaka incident is rather unique; in fact, somewhat of a mystery. Never before in the history of the Malays do we get a highly educated man, a senior university lecturer with a PhD degree, run amok

-- Chairman of TV Panel Discussion, The Amok of Mat Solo --

This is, in some ways, a 'solipsistic' play. The stage could in one dimension be taken as the mind/ego of Mat Solo.

--Salleh ben Joned, The Amok of Mat Solo --

He was no rebel, no avenger he, the cause of his anger was a trivial thing, a manhood insulted was a trivial thing

-- The Ballad of Mat Solo (1981), Poems Sacred and Profane --

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