​The Asean Community: Legal Issues

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The Asean Community: Legal Issues

Author: Saidatul Nadia Abd Aziz & Salawati Mat Basir

Publisher: UKM Press

ISBN: 9789674126100

Pages: 97

Year: 2018


Price: RM30

The publication of this book, comprises of chapters discussing various legal issues which is actually happening in the ASEAN region, is timely recognition. Since 2003, we are bombarded by questions and challengers in order to make the ASEAN community a reality. We can never deny the legal challenges that are visible in the ASEAN region. Though they may seem hard to overcome, those challengers should never be left unattended. ASEAN ways of non-interference seems irrelevant in the era of regional integration. The ASEAN community: Legal Issue discussed almost every corner of all possible legal challenges, fro the issue of migration, labour, media diplomacy, investment, education, legal barriers and religious freedom. The legal issues faced by ASEAN are not limited to what has been discussed in this book. Rather, the issues are seen to be major and contributed to the most to the development of the regional integration. ASEAN members states are all in a different level of development and achievement of realization of regional integration. These call for national and regional approaches in order to cater each and every legal issues and challengers in realizing the ASEAN community



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