The Chettiar Role in Malaysia's Economic History

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The Chettiar Role in Malaysia's Economic History

Author: Ummadevi Suppiah Sivachandralingam Sundara Raja

Publisher: UM Press

ISBN: 9789831008577

Weight: 0.200 kg

Year: 2016

Page: 180pp

Price : RM52

Chettiars have been central to the financial economy in India and in the British Colonies in particular in Malaya and Burma. Authors of this book compares Chettiars’ financial activities against the perspective of British colonial policies on land and property accumulation, their financing of Chinese capitalists as well as the Malay peasants and the Malay rulers. Both authors convincingly construct a theoretical paradigm where Chettiars formulated local finances in unfamiliar and familiar abodes in the Empire, connecting different races and capitalists within a successful capitalist modernization and transformation at both rural and urban levels. Chettiars global ventures were central to South East Asian economic modernization. The authors apply exceptional skills in research, both empirical and theoretical. Their unrivalled knowledge of the history of the Malaysian Indians is now captured in this scholarship on a powerful money lending caste impacting on global Indian trade, migration and investment.



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