​Transformational and Distributed Leadership: Research and Evidence

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Transformational and Distributed Leadership: Research and Evidence

Editor: Donnie Adams et al.

Publisher: UM Press

ISBN: 9789674881450


Year: 2020

Page: 90pp

Price : RM34

This book, which is part of the Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL), University of Malaya book publication series, is written to help students better understand their research in Transformational and Distributed Leadership. The first objective is to provide access and visibility on past Transformational and Distributed Leadership Dissertations and Thesis at IEL to the public and other Higher Education Institutions, local and international. The second objective is to provide quick facts and information to postgraduate students in their quest for past dissertations and thesis. Thus, this will save time spent searching for each dissertation and thesis separately. The structure of the book is based on the students’ interest and need. The original full text of these dissertations and thesis can be accessed through the QR code provided at the end of each chapter. Future postgraduate students interested in Transformational and Distributed Leadership will also find this book useful. The book highlights what sort of research was done before, what kind of research is expected on Transformational and Distributed Leadership and finally how can they write a research proposal with a clear goal in mind.



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